About Mullion PFD

Mullion is a producer of Marine Safety and Personal Floatation Devices that are designed to protect lives in some of the harshest and unforgiving environments. Our Lifejackets, Floatation and Immersion suits combine comfort and durability with technical safety and protection.

They are the preferred choice of workers in:

  • offshore energy,
  • oil and gas exploration,
  • wind farm operations,
  • commercial and inshore fishing,
  • inland lakes and waterways,
  • ports, docks and harbours,
  • fisheries protection,
  • coast guards,
  • search and rescue emergency services,
  • international shipping
  • coastal communities
  • aviation – helicopter transfers

Our specialized team of dedicated professionals guide you in your selection of appropriate personal floatation devices.

Floatation garments

Mullion floatation garments provide protection from elements whilst working and in the event of an accidental immersion, prolong life and aid rescue. They are all classified as 50 Newton Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs). For working use, the Mullion floatation garments give comfort and warmth and are waterproof (conforming to EN 343). For water immersion, Mullion floatation garments provide floatation of the wearer, reduction of cold shock and the effect of hypothermia and allow the wearer to manoeuver himself in the water and to be recovered without encumbrance. In addition, the Mullion floatation garments are highly visible in the water and thus aidlocation and recovery.

Inflatable life jackets

Mullion inflatable life jackets are also PFDs from which the buoyancy is obtained by means of an inflation system and a compressed CO2 gas cylinder. Mullion inflatable life jackets are available in 150 Newton and 275 Newton buoyancy levels.

Immersion Suits and Dry Suits

Mullion provide a full range of SOLAS and ISO 15027 approved suits for cold water immersion and hostile working environments including offshore oil rigs, wind farms and for helicopter transfers
And more
For any working condition, we have the appropriate solution. One of the examples is our SOLAS / MED Fire Fighters equipment. Ideal for offshore energy rigs, carrier ships, tankers, oil and LPG supply vessels amongst others.

Brand of Sioen Apparel

Mullion is a division of Sioen Apparel that focuses on high quality professional protective clothing, specialised protective clothing and private label recreational clothing. In its domain, Sioen Apparel is the European market leader, active in more than 80 countries and employs more than 2,800 people worldwide.

Part of Sioen Industries

Sioen Apparel is one of the three divisions of Sioen Industries (founded in 1960). Apart from Sioen Apparel, there are two other divisions: Sioen Coating, world leader in coated technical textiles and Sioen Chemicals, specialists in fine chemicals. The group’s turnover of 2015 amounted to EUR 330 million, realised with approximately 4,000 people, in 31 plants throughout 14 countries.