Personal Locator Beacons

PLBs are Personal Locator Beacons which are small, personal emergency beacons that, when activated, give off a distress signal to aid swift location and rescue.

Some types directly alert a special dedicated receiver on board the vessel; some can be operated through standard AIS (Automatic Identification System) Equipment already on the vessel. These types can be either manually or automatically activated. Other types send a signal via satellite directly to the Emergency Services. These types of PLB can only be manually activated.

Mullion can offer a range of different types of PLB integrated with lifejackets to suit different areas of use and operation.

  • Lifejackets specifically designed to integrate a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB).
  • Ultimate safety and rescue option.
  • Mullion can equip your lifejacket with a Beacon and/or supply the actual beacon.

Key benefits

  • A personal locator beacon provides additional rescue support as it can quickly locate and aid rescue in a man overboard situation.
  • Mullion has created and adjusted several lifejacket models to fit or integrate a beacon. Each beacon is integrated inside the cover in the best position to optimize its functional efficiency according to type of operation.
  • Combined PFD + PLB models are tested and approved as “special purposes products”.


Beacons are small devices used to alert vessels and search and rescue agencies of distress.
Strictly they interface with receivers on ships and/or global emergency services via satellite systems. When manually or automatically activated upon immersion, these beacons send out a distress signal.

Beacon options