Marine Industry Safety Alerts

Life-saving appliances Fenner hydrostatic release units for liferafts safety concerns.


It was brought to our attention that the Swedish Transport Authority has issued a safety recommendation following an investigation into Fenner hydrostatic release units, which are manufactured by Fennerci Denizcilik Eqetim Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti of Instanbul, Turkey.

The LSA code requires that the units' float free arrangement automatically releases the liferafts at depth of no more than 4 metres. When tested, eight out of ten units failed the test prescribed by the LSA code and activated at a depth greater than the prescribed 4 metres, and most units failed to cut the painter which attaches the liferaft to the vessel.

Recommandation to all owners and operators:

Due to the serious nature of this faillure, all owners and operators are advised to check if this product is fitted on any of their vessels. Where a Fenner hydrostatic release unit is found, it is strongly recommanded that this product be replaced due to the concerns that it may not meet the minimum safety requirements.
If you are an owner or operator and require further assistance, please get in touch with your local Lloyd's Register Group office at the earliest opportunity and will be happy to assist.