Great rescue testimonial

In the October edition of “Your Fishing news”, the need of good gear once again has been demonstrated in the story of Peter Dadds, a dedicated fisherman in Mudeford, UK.

Peter Dadds is born and raised in Mudeford Quay, an idyllic coastal town, popular with summer tourists and with great views across to the Isle of Wight. Peter is one of the proud Dorset fishermen with a lifetime experience in running sustainable fisheries.

His boats

From a very young age- his father was a wooden boat builder- the sea and the fishery were his daily habitat. When he left school, he started crewing on other boats and bought his own boat in 1991. In a wooden 20 feet boat of 43 years old, he started off with eight strings of 5 pots. His next boat was a fiberglass Cheetah catamaran and replaced this one after 4 years by a 36 feet wooden boat. Not a smart choice because with this boat he spent more time in the engine room that he did fishing.

His fourth boat, another Cheetah (6.2 meter) served him for many years. In 2005 he purchased his current boat, a Cheetah 6.9 which he operates single handed most of the time.

The importance of good gear

One day, Peter took his boat out and decided to do just 10 strings of pots and then return to Mudeford because of the bad weather conditions. Together with Martin Hawh, he took off and soon got stuck in extreme conditions, where a wave “the size of an industrial unit” as Peter stated later, was coming at them. The article enclosed states: “Peter cannot remember any more, other than lots of noise and being underwater. His Mullion PFD operated and he came up to the surface to see his Cheetah some 40 ft away from him, upside down, and the sea covered in white foam.”

Mullion PFD

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